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Math Games

Strengthen Your Mathematicians with Math Memory Games

Identifying Parts of an Expression Activities

Translating Algebraic Expressions Memory Card Game


Expressions and Equations

Differentiating Between Similar Standards (6.EE.A.3&4)

The Importance of Identifying Parts of an Expression


The Number System

Simple Fraction Strip Questions

Adding and Subtracting Integers Word Problems

Differentiating Between Rational and Irrational Numbers

8th Grade Math 2: The Number System


Statistics and Probability

Interpreting Box-and-Whisker Plots



Kendrick Lamar Reading Packet



A Call for Math Fluency

Quitting Teaching


Behavior Management

12 Principles to Live By


Struggling in School

Not So Good at Math

7 Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader

Summer Bridge Workbooks

Spectrum Math Grade 7 Workbook Review